What is it?

We create virtual 360 immersive, interactive environments. The platform enables you to display your products, services and branding virtually 24/7 365 days a year. Delivered by a single url web link from the cloud, it can be sent direct via email, embedded into your website, inserted into a document or even used to link out of a webinar platform. The platform is Seamlessly compatible with PC, laptops, smart phones and virtual reality headsets.


How does it work?

The platform is navigated by a series of hotspots. These are icons you click on to trigger movement, video, interactions, animations and links. The possibilities are endless and will be determined by product, available media and budget.


What is its uses?

Virtual 360 experiences are a great way to grab attention and immerse your viewer into your interactive world. The platform will attract the viewer much longer than a webpage and with the ability to take them on a journey making them focus on what you want to market.



  • Virtual Exhibitions Stands / Booths
  • Product Launches
  • Pre-event Marketing
  • Pre-webinar Marketing
  • Virtual Demos
  • Virtual Demo Rooms
  • 360 live Demos
  • Delegate Areas

What is the process?

We will require a brief outlining your requirements and any media / content you would like to include. The design process is much the same as a physical design and once approved we will then start adding the content, deciding how many interactions are required etc.

Once approved and debugged we will supply you with the final published files.


Where is it hosted?

We will supply you with the final published files for you host on your server ensuring your domain appears at the top of the web browser when being viewed.


How much does it cost?

The costs are not as much as you might think.

Due to the level of customisation and each projects specific requirements and size, we will need to prepare a quotation after an initial briefing.

Once the final approved published files are delivered, there will be no extra cost and no expiry date. If you require any amendments, product updates, media updates etc no problem and again will give you a quote based on the required changes.

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